Flush documents the globalised product of Darjeeling tea in a linear narrative. Illustrating all stages of production from the planting in India, through to the sale of product in England. The project aims to highlight contemporary concerns of rapid urbanisation and tourism in Darjeeling. Investigates anthropologically into the lives of plantation workers and depicts globalisation as a phenomenon of Modernity.


Teas are often classified by type, such as white, green, or black. Next, many teas are defined by the region where they were grown, such as China, Ceylon, India, or Bangladesh. Some teas may also be classified by how they were treated during processing, such as scented or flavored teas like Earl Grey and Jasmine. When you take it a step further, premium teas are also often classified by Flush, or the time of year when tea leaves are plucked. Each Flush is determined by the geography and climate of the region where the tea is grown. First Flush is defined as the very first plucking of a tea plant’s harvest season.